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All About Service.

A model shop, not my local, but not far away has just closed for business. I have spoken with many local modellers, and they all bemoan it’s demise.

The internet is a great thing, we can compare prices and find the best deals at the click of a mouse. But what it cannot do is supply you with a single sheet of 1/16 balsa, let you rifle through it’s sundry parts for the bolt that is just so, or spend half an hour discussing your options for the best motor for your latest build.

A friend of mine recently bought two items, one from my local model shop, another from the internet. The internet purchase failed to arrive, after several emails he now has a credit note. The shop purchase was apparently faulty; a quick trip and the patient shop owner showed us the error of our ways and we left happy. The same owner was prepared to swap the item there and then had it not been our brains that were at fault.

I am fortunate in that I often write for the aeromodelling press, and so get many items for free, but if I do have to splash my cash, it goes to Nitroflight models. ( I am not suggesting you all patronise Nitroflight, this is no advert, but that you support your local model shop, whilst it is still there to be supported.

It’s true that you may pay a little extra, but what price service, convenience or just the simple pleasure of interacting with fellow modellers?

It bears repeating – support your local model shop. Keep them in business, so they can help keep us flying.

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