The Quest for Interest.

A simple question; are your photographs interesting, or photographs of interesting things?

As photographers we are always looking to make interesting or compelling photographs, but we often fall into the trap of mistaking a photograph of an interesting subject, for an interesting photograph. For example, take a picture of Rodins ‘The Thinker’ (literally if you are able), and one of a brick.

The picture of The Thinker has a head start; providing you are able to correctly expose the image, and the lighting is reasonable, viola, interesting photograph. But how much credit for that interest can you, as a photographer, claim? Now, take the photograph of the brick. The subject is doing you few favours, (unless it happens to be a particulalry interesting brick), and so to make this photograph interesting we must do more, we must excercise our creativity to create a compelling photograph.

The Scultptor gave me a head start to create an interesting picture.

I am not saying that it is not possible to excercise creative skill when photographing interesting things to create astounding photographs, but simply that the job is already half way there; a poor photograph of Elvis shopping will earn the photographer a small fortune, a poor photograph of a brick will earn the photographer nothing but a bad reputation.

We should, as consciencious phototographers, be constantly seeking to improve our skills, and I think the greatest demonstration of skill lies in being able to take the most mundane of subjects and instill them with interest, this is why I hold commercial photographers, who must routinely find interest in the most ordinary of subjects, in the highest regard.

So, the next time you are bemoaning the lack of interesting subjects to photograph, stretch yourself. Take the most ordinary of items and try to create the most extraordinary of photographs.

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